Fornax Void VHS Volume One - FVVHS01
Runtime: 98 minutes
Physical Format: VHS (PAL or NTSC)

Download Format:
h.264 (10 Mbit/s, 7.38 GB)

VHS cassette + video download: USD 50.00
  • Memory Machine album download included
  • full tape video download included
  • Int. shipping (USD 15) and packaging included.

  • format

    The first Fornax Void VHS mixtape is now available. The tape contains 98 minutes of original material by Fornax Void collected between 2009 and 2015.

    FVVHS01 may seem a bit pricey for a VHS tape. Please consider, I filmed, animated and edited 99.9% of the 98 minutes of material on this tape myself. All of the production and copying is done by me in my workshop. Please compare the price of USD 35 to things like an art print or other artistic products with low production numbers.

    video tracklist:
    1. Intro
    2. The Spirit Of Nostalgia
    3. Dreams
    4. Terminator Road
    5. Castle On The Sea
    6. Meeting The Cyborgs
    7. Behind The Purple Nebula
    8. Time Machine
    9. Levels
    10. Memory Machine
    11. And It's Waiting
    12. Live Test 2011
    13. Wintermute
    14. The Developers (Movie)
    15. Bonus Material


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