Memory Machnine
73 minutes
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Tomes of Erebus
13 minutes
Digital Release
2 . 30 $

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VHS Volume One
98 minutes
Physical Release
50 $ (shipping incl.)

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For all purchases on Bandcamp the terms and conditions of Bandcamp do apply.

If you want to buy huge stacks of physical articles please contact me via e-mail:

I test everything personally before I ship it, and I am always trying to hold up a high quality standard of my products.

All products are (hand-) crafted in the Fornax Void Lab. Please expect shipping delays of up to 14 days during supply shortfalls.

I disclaim liability for any harm or damage caused by my products. In other words: Please don't let your dog eat my VHS tapes.

All VHS tapes I use are second hand. This is for environmental reasons. Also prices for new tapes are exorbitant where I live.

All covers and extras are hand-cut. Please tolerate slight deviations from sample images.